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Soccer faqs
  • What is Total Soccer Academy?
    Total Soccer is a soccer player development program for those wising to get extra skills training. Our player development model supplements the work done by community coaches by breaking down the fundamental techniques in the game. Our objective is to improve technical proficiency so young players can extract more joy from the game.
  • Where is Total Soccer located?
    Total Soccer runs its programming on the outdoor training turf fields at the Richmond Olympic Oval, 6111 River Road. The fields are designed specifically for small-sided games and training, great for young players to develop their skills. While your child trains, parents can enjoy the many facilities at the Oval, including fitness gyms, basketball courts, hockey rink, cafe, and much more.
  • Who attends Total Soccer?
    Players who join Total Soccer are generally enrolled at various soccer clubs from around the Lower Mainland . The players choose to train with us on the weekends to receive professional instruction to supplement their team training. Each program is composed of approximately 400 players, both boys (Sundays) and girls (Saturdays), ranging from U7 – U18. Our sessions are very detailed in nature with a strong emphasis on ball mastery skills.
  • Is Total Soccer for beginner soccer players?
    Since Total Soccer doesn’t formally compete in organized soccer leagues, we cannot replicate all parts of the game. As such, we recommend that beginner players get involved with their local community clubs. In the younger age brackets, we will accept novice players. In the older age brackets, players come to us with a basic to advanced skill.
  • Why do players train at Total Soccer?
    Players traditionally come to Total Soccer from all parts of the Lower Mainland in order to improve their skills, get extra touches on the ball, 
train with like-abled players, and get professional, detailed instruction.
  • How do I get involved?
    The first step is to register online to see if there's available space in the age group. We often have wait-lists in certain age groups so it's best to register early.
  • Do you assess players before accepting them?
    Yes. Whenever we have a new player apply for entry into our training program, our instructors evaluate the player to determine if Total Soccer has an appropriate training group for that player. One of the main principles of our program is to have like-abled players train together. That evaluation simply takes place as they train with one of the training groups. That being said, it is very unusual for us not to have a spot available. .
  • How are training groups formed?
    One of our guiding principles is to group like-abled players together. We tier our training 
groups in all age brackets from U7-U15. This is simply to ensure that all players are adequately challenged. We usually take the first couple sessions to determine where players fit. There are times when we move players between training groups as the program progresses but we try to keep things as stable as possible.
  • Can I withdraw from Total Soccer?
    Players are able to withdraw from the program before a prescribed date and receive a full refund. That date is generally a week or two before the program begins. The date would be indicated on the registration page. No cancellations or refunds are accepted once the program has begun unless there has been a long term injury and a medical note is provided.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the level of the training group?
    As part of our program, we continually assess our players to ensure they are in the correct grouping. One of the guiding principles of our program is to have like-abled players train together. If you feel that the level of a training group is below your child's standard then we ask that your child makes a point of demonstrating that in the training group. Once that becomes evident to the instructors, we will do our best to move your child to a more appropriate group. That being said, it's important to understand that most of our training activities involve the execution of individual skills. Each training group undergoes the same curriculum and is run by the same quality of instructor.
  • Will I get the same instructor every week?
    Every training group has what's called a Primary Instructor. This is the instructor who runs this particular training group and completes the assessments. We do move instructors every now and then but generally the Primary Instructor will be running the same group 70% of the time.
  • Is there a TSS kit that I have to pay for?
    No, there is no TSS kit. A training jersey is provided. We do ask that every player wears black shorts and black socks.
  • What sorts of things do the players learn every week?
    Total Soccer follows a strict curriculum. Every training group covers the same topics though the activities may vary depending on the ability of the players. The majority of themes focus on individual ball skills.
  • Does Total Soccer field teams?
    No, Total Soccer does not field teams but the academy is owned and run by the same group as TSS Football Club. Almost all Total Soccer instructors also instruct at TSS Football Club. Players who are interested in joining an organization with the same teaching standards as Total Soccer can contact TSS Football Club directly.
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